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Why Join SUNNY's Community

This is a community for us to become more knowledgeable about scientific breakthroughs related to our body, mind and relationship with the Universe, implement holistic & healthy lifestyle, shift new perspectives toward self & life, and raise our vibrations collectively.

Based on many 21st century scientific research (peer review studies), as a human being:

  • We are designed to live about 120 years with our physical design.
  • We are energetic beings and can transform many aspects of our life by demand.
  • We are not our thoughts, words, concepts (about who we are) and even our physical body.
  • We are paradoxical and very adaptable to change from chaos into equilibrium.
  • We can access to all human experience in the history if we stay open and become truly aware. Anyone can do this by enhancing our divine "spiritual" muscle!
  • Our human DNA has capacity to hold on digital information and remember certain frequencies from our own and previous generations' past experience.

    ......more to come for sure!

One thing is for sure though that we can choose to live with a lifestyle that is filled with positive "epigenetic" influence built by healthy habits.

Epigenetic influence is defined as the "information" that triggers changes in the DNA level, i.e. turning on or off of certain genes based on the frequencies that our genes experience.

Based on my own experience, there are three main areas that I have changed and significantly improve my midlife experience:

🌱Live with Healthy Habits/Lifestyle (Diet, Movement, Sleep, Attitude)
🌱Observe my Thoughts & Emotions Mindfully (Brain-Heart Coherence)
🌱Accept and Love True Self (In Sync with Our Rooted Essence)

Join us if you are over 40 who are seeking support and holistic approaches to

keep sustainable life energy, 
✔maintain healthy weight, 
✔embrace life with flexibility & resilience, 
✔remove loaded stress, and 
✔build good habits.

What you will get from the FREE membership:

  • Book a 15-min on boarding meeting with SUNNY
  • Access to her free & paid monthly virtual and in-person events
  • Join different tribes (public, private or paid) to network and continue to learn from one another
  • Collaborate with Sunny for various programs that bring gentle presence, wisdom, insights and inspirational stories to the community

Join us today! A new you is await from the inside out.

SUNNY's Journey

Peiming Sun/Sunny, our host, was originally from Taiwan, and has lived in the USA for over 30 years. 

Sunny worked as a molecular biologist in Corporate America, but now is a Tiny Habits certified coach, an official Gene Keys Guide, a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), an Amazon international bestseller author, and a holistic lifestyle mentor who is dedicated to share modern science and ancient traditions with people over 40.

Sunny has been through multiple major identity shifts in the past 30 years and lived with long-term toxic stress for decades. Now, she calls these life experience her "unseen grace".

She experienced clinical depression, anxiety, and lots of self-doubt; as a result, Sunny started to have some physical & social problems, such as high blood pressure, weight gain, isolation and low self-esteem.

After her spiritual shift in early 2020, Sunny has gradually healed her mind-body-soul by simply giving more space & time in her daily routine, listening to the language of Nature from her heart space, and practicing strategic pauses, contemplation or self-reflection on a daily basis to disentangle her busy mind as a mindful observer to re-discover her rooted essence and gifts.

As a life-long and professional caregiver, Sunny has turned her stress into strength, embraced the divine unseen grace that is disguised as life adversities, then put together a unique G.R.A.C.E. program that supports self-healing journey with efficient, simple, and natural life hacks based on modern science and ancient traditions. 

For more Sunny's stories and her five-phase self-realization journey, please read her article that is published at the blog from Awaken, Center of Human Evolution. 


Are you ready for your own life transformation and self-realization? 

Connect with Sunny for more inquiry and join our community and/or programs TODAY. https://calendly.com/tinyhabitscoachsunny/connection-welcome

What Others Said About Sunny

"If you wish to effortlessly implement healthy lifestyle changes, Sunny is someone you should see. She offers FREE 30 minute consultations regarding life solutions for healthy aging!"
Judy Tucker, School of Energy Medicine

"I really enjoy Sunny's wonderful intelligence and gentle manner. She is knowledgeable and loves to share her wisdom and insight with others. You may not know what you need but Sunny will!"
Robynn Sheridan, Heart & Soul Healing Center

"Peiming is not only a kind, welcoming person, but she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to how to build a healthy lifestyle. I would strongly recommend her courses. You won't regret it!"
Erin Hauser, New Leaf Creative

"Pei-ming (Sunny) has a wonderful smile that will light up a room. She is knowledgeable in the health and wellness industry. More importantly, as a scientist, she wants to make an impact by helping and finding solutions for you to create a healthy lifestyle in the mind and body. Highly recommended!"
Nancy Chin-Wagner, Nancy Chin Wagner, LLC

"Pei Ming is a warm, responsible, and resilient solopreneur who enjoys collaboration. If you want to boost your DNA health for life transformation, connect with Pei-Ming. In her practice, Pei Ming uses evidence-based and modern science research about Telomerase and helps build habits for inner peace, resilience, and energy."
Divya Parekh, The DP Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC

"I am so impressed with what Sunny's doing as a Lifestyle Mentor! I've gotten to know her more over the past few weeks since we've connected - she's so positive about the work she's doing with the Gene Key, which ties into her community for healthy aging. After going through the process with Sunny of finding out what my gene key told me, the science behind it was amazing and pretty well confirmed what I've known all along about myself and where I need to focus. I highly recommend Sunny. If you're curious about healthy aging, your true strengths and what within yourself you can strengthen, set up some time with her to chat about where you're going on your journey."
Jolie Roy, Life Coach/Reiki Practitioner

Sunny social connection:

https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnylifesolutions LinkedIn Profile
https://www.facebook.com/sunnylifesolutions Business FB Page
https://linktr.ee/sunnylifesolutions Main Connection Link
https://www.clubhouse.com/@sunnytinyhabits Clubhouse Profile

Sunny's G.R.A.C.E. Offers

Here are some well-designed paid programs offered by Sunny:


60-min Four Rooted Essence Disclosure & Five Daily Habits
Click the link to book the session ($50)

🌱Personalized Virtual Designing & Implementing Good Habits 4-meeting Bundle
Click the link to start your transformation effortlessly ($350)

💖6-week Guided Self Love & Self-Discovery Retreat with G.R.A.C.E.
(See the tribe description below)($450)

🌈The Quantum Power of Energy, DNA, and Harmony ($40)
Click the link to get more information & book the #Live class

In-Person Classes(Fishers IN Starting in Feb. 2023):

🍽The Healing Secrets of Nutrition & Ancient Traditions Cooking Class ($100)

🥟Self-Discovery with Ancient Wisdom & Dumplings Retreat ($75)

🌞 Connect with sunny for more details 🌞


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